Orbital Balls Strategy Guide – Nail the Spin With These Hints, Tips and Cheats

Orbital Balls Strategy Guide – Nail the Spin With These Hints, Tips and Cheats

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Orbital Balls is a game that uses physics and math to increase a stack of balls. The more balls you make, the more balls go into the hole at the heart of the level. The more balls go in the hole, the more points you’re going to get. 

It might sound simple, but there are plenty of challenges waiting for you along the way, and things can get difficult pretty quickly. That’s where this guide comes in. Use these strategies wisely and you’re going to be getting more balls into the hole than you know what to do with. 

Whether you’re just lining up your first shot or you’ve already multiplied your ball count a good few times, there’s going to be something here to help you out. After all, these are the very best hints, tips and cheats for Orbital Balls. 

Learn from your mistakes

When you fail a level, you should pay attention to what went wrong. Learning from your mistakes isn’t just useful for when you retry, you can use what you’ve picked up to nail other challenges as well. Use your failures as an chance to grow and you’ll do just fine. 

Minus points take one at once

Red minus points will take one ball at a time until they’ve filled up their quota and then they’ll disappear. Use this to your advantage by getting rid of them and leaving the space clear to hit the multiplication points that you need to get enough balls to finish the levels. 

Think about the angles

Look at the position of the various parts of a level and think about how you can use angles to utilize and avoid them. Your balls will always move towards the hole in the center of the level, but the angle on your original shot will decide how long it takes for them to get there. 

One hit stops moving pieces

Moving pieces will stop moving when you hit them for the first time. That means it’s important to consider where they are and where you want them to be. Use this information to make the right first shot so you’re getting the most use out of the moving pieces. 

What’s the cash for?

Right now it doesn’t look like the cash is for anything. That means there’s no point watching the videos to increase your haul. Adding extra balls and retrying are all done by watching videos, which leaves the cash as little more than a curio. Don’t worry about it and focus on finishing the levels. 

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