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Uncharted 4 Mobile Game Fortune Hunter Shut Down

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Uncharted 4 mobile tie-in game Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is being shut down, Naughty Dog has announced. Fortune Hunter’s discontinuation is just as surprising as its unveil, largely because players had forgotten it even existed. But it did, and now it doesn’t.

Uncharted 4 mobile game unlocked multiplayer rewards

Fortune Hunter was an original action puzzle adventure, featuring 200 levels spread across four environments and six adventures. The free app allowed players to unlock vanity items, boosters, and multiplayer relics in Uncharted 4 multiplayer. The mobile game also offered in-game purchases of its own, which have been pulled effective immediately. Additionally, Fortune Hunter is no longer available to download from mobile stores so you can play offline until it’s removed from your device.

Naughty Dog didn’t say why Fortune Hunter has been discontinued but, like everyone else, we’re guessing people just aren’t engaging with it (or even Uncharted 4’s multiplayer) enough anymore to warrant keeping things going.

“We’re very excited to surprise fans with something wholly unexpected,” Naughty Dog gushed at the time of Fortune Hunter’s announcement. “A daring first for the franchise that has never hesitated to give players new and unexpected experiences. Underneath the irreverent wit and original style of Nate’s first mobile outing lies a crafted, brain-punching puzzle experience that we have built for you in secret, with love.” The game was developed in collaboration with PlaySpree.

It remains to be seen how long Uncharted 4’s servers will be kept alive. The series’ future is uncertain, with Naughty Dog sending out mixed messages. The developer said that it was ready to put the series to rest but later indicated that it’s willing to explore different characters in the franchise.

In other news, PSVR 2 is apparently 3.6x faster using eye-tracking technology, and DualSense has won BAFTA’s Best Controller Ever tournament.

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