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Abandoned PS5 Dev Scared to Show Gameplay

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We have yet to see any Abandoned PS5 gameplay because BLUE BOX Game Studios’ Hasan Kahraman thinks some people don’t understand the concept of “in development” footage. Speaking to IGN, Kahraman said that he was “scared” to show off what he considers a personal labor of love because it might get torn apart prematurely. He was also apparently taken aback after being thrust into the limelight again over deleted tweets.

Why Abandoned PS5 gameplay hasn’t been revealed

“The reason why people haven’t seen anything of the game yet, any development of the game yet, is because simply, and to describe it in one word, is that I’m scared,” Kahraman told IGN. “I’m not working for Ubisoft, I’m not working for a AAA publisher who tells me what to do, who basically tells me what game I should make – it’s something personal. And as the development progress, not everyone might get it because gamers don’t see, don’t understand what ‘in development’ means – gamers don’t care about that.” Just yesterday, BLUE BOX published a poll on Twitter asking followers if they’d like to see development footage. Nearly 64 percent of respondents voted in favor, but it looks like Kahraman is still undecided about releasing it.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kahraman explained that Abandoned: Prologue is a short, standalone game that will come with a price tag. The revenue raised from its sale will be used to fund Abandoned’s development. He dismissed suggestions that the prologue is a “demo,” insisting that it’s roughly 1-2 hours of gameplay that will help BLUE BOX self-fund. That said, expect the price to be “reasonable.”

In other news, PlayStation Now’s April 2022 games have been revealed, and we’ve heard rumblings that the rumored PSVR 2 showcase will happen soon as Sony has begun sending promotional emails out to selected users.

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