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Days Gone Dev Possibly Directing New Tomb Raider Game

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Just as Crystal Dynamics announced a new Tomb Raider game, Days Gone director and former Bend Studio staffer Jeff Ross revealed that he’s joined the studio as a design director. However, Ross isn’t ready to disclose what he’s working on yet, leaving fans wondering if he’s working on the new Tomb Raider game, Microsoft’s Perfect Dark, taking over Marvel’s Avengers, or directing a different yet-to-be-announced project entirely.

Who’s directing the new Tomb Raider game?

Beyond stating that it wants to push the envelope with Unreal Engine 5, Crystal Dynamics hasn’t revealed anything about its new Tomb Raider game. Ross’ announcement came after the game was announced so it would be a curious case if he’s still under NDA of some sort. Of note in his tweet is the mention of him moving to Seattle, Washington. Crystal Dynamics established its Washington studio in 2018 to work on Marvel’s Avengers.

As far as the Perfect Dark theory is concerned, apparently Microsoft’s game already has a design director in Mike McTyre. And thus, what Ross is working on remains a mystery. His LinkedIn update also doesn’t reveal anything except that he joined Crystal Dynamics in February 2022.

After nearly 15 years at Bend Studio, Ross joined Mortal Kombat developer NetherRealm Studios but only stayed there for under a year. Over the past year, he became most known for his Twitter outbursts against Sony for not greenlighting a Days Gone sequel, going a step further to complain about the company celebrating Ghost of Tsushima’s success, arguing that Days Gone would have sold millions of copies too.

In other news, Ubisoft is reportedly making a new battle royale game, and the new Witcher game will be built on Unreal Engine 5.

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