Final Fantasy Creator Wants to Play Horizon Forbidden West

Final Fantasy Creator Wants to Play Horizon Forbidden West

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Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has told IGN that he has multiple offers for new projects that are all in the planning stages, but before he jumps into one of them, he wants to finish Horizon Forbidden West. Sakaguchi, who has invested thousands of hours into Final Fantasy 14, revealed that he plays new games in between projects due to lack of time.

Why Sakaguchi wants to play Horizon Forbidden West

Although Sakaguchi thinks Elden Ring is a “good game,” he worries that it might be too frustrating for him. So his game of choice in his current downtime is Horizon Forbidden West. He revealed that he really enjoyed Ghost of Tsushima as well. “When I’m really involved in making a game, though, I have surprisingly little time for anything else,” Sakaguchi said. “I play games once I’m done making one. I played Ghost of Tsushima because the timing was just right. Once I start on a new game, I feel like playing whatever’s new when I finish but that’s why I at least want to play through Horizon Forbidden West before starting on my next game.”

So what’s next for Sakaguchi? He’s not sure yet. He didn’t reveal what the offers he received are – only that they’re in the planning phases. “They’re still in the planning stages, where we’re deciding on how the business will work and putting together contracts, so it’s not as if we’ve started on actual development, but I do think I’ll be working on something,” he said. “Of course, the more concrete those plans start to look, the more I feel like I need to play FF14 while I still can.”

In other news, Ghost of Tsushima’s development is finally winding down with yesterday’s patch 2.18, and DualSense controller’s firmware updater is reportedly headed to PC soon.

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