Xbox Series X|S controller mod lets you game with only one hand

Xbox Series X|S controller mod lets you game with only one hand

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YouTube creator Akaki Kuumeri created an Xbox controller mod that allows anyone to play their favorite games while only using one hand. Blueprints for the 3-D printed mod have been shared online and are available in right-handed and left-handed configurations.

Specifically, the mod is for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controller, which is slightly different than the Xbox One controller. The newer controller that comes with the Xbox Series X and S is a bit smaller than an Xbox One controller and has a button for sharing content. A skilled 3-D printer could probably tweak the design of the mod to fit an Xbox One controller.

The mod can be used to allow someone with only one hand to play games without having to pick up an Xbox Adaptive Controller. It has parts that snap in place to make buttons reachable across the body of the controller. Players can control one of the joysticks by resting the bottom of the mod against a leg or other surface.

Of course, anyone could use the mod to play the best Xbox games with just one hand. A setup like this could be useful for grinding in RPGs without having to commit two hands to a game.

The design is available through printables. Kuumeri says that creating the mod uses a few dollars’ worth of plastic. You’ll need one of the best 3D printers to build the design yourself.

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