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A new Tales from the Borderlands game is coming out in 2022

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An all new Tales from the Borderlands adventure is coming out in 2022, with a full announcement set to be made this summer.


That’s pretty much the entirety of the announcement, but there’s a little that we can already infer about this new project. For one thing, the game is coming from Gearbox and 2K, with no mention of Telltale Games who developed the acclaimed original graphic adventure series. Considering that Telltale’s upcoming projects have leant on outside teams – AdHoc Games for The Wolf Among Us 2 and Deck Nine for The Expanse – it’s no surprise that Gearbox has brought this game in-house. Either way it will be great to see how they can continue the adventures of former Hyperion employee Rhys and con artist Fiona.

The episodic series spent a little time in the wilderness after the closure and resurrection of Telltale Games, but in 2021, Gearbox showed a sign of intent for preserving their looter shooter franchise by bringing it back to digital stores. The company has continued to expand outside the main game series with spin-offs like Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and there’s an upcoming movie that’s in post-production with a release slated for sometime this year. Also Borderlands alcohol.

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