Town Rush Strategy Guide - Dominate Your Enemies With These Hints and Tips

City Rush Technique Information – Dominate Your Enemies With These Hints and Ideas

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City Rush is a recreation about constructing a military, conquering towers and ensuring you’re not overwhelmed by enemy forces. The degrees are brief and sharp and so they don’t provide you with a lot room for error – one mistake can crush your ambitions earlier than you even know what’s occurring.

Which is why we determined to write down this information – we’d hate to see your ambitions crushed, that’d be horrible. The methods offered listed below are designed to make sure it doesn’t occur, and so they’re crafted from a very good lengthy whereas of taking part in City Rush and determining what’s what.

Nearly to assault your first tower? Already unlocked and upgraded some new models? Wherever you end up in your journey with the sport, you’re going to search out one thing right here that’ll take your abilities to the subsequent stage. So right here we go – these are the best hints, suggestions and cheats for City Rush.

Improve your towers

It’s essential to spend some gems upgrading your towers. Not solely does this make them stronger and fewer more likely to be overrun, however it additionally will increase the quantity of gems they produce. The extra gems you’ve, the extra models you may produce. The extra models, the extra doubtless you’ll win.


Don’t cease including models once you’ve acquired the gems for it. As soon as your towers are upgraded to the max, swarm the extent with as many models as you may make. They’ll act as defensive bulwarks and push on to the closest enemy towers to take them down. The nation with essentially the most models on the board often wins.

Search for flanking alternatives

As you add new territory you’ll open up shorter routes to the enemy – ensure you use them. You shouldn’t simply be spawning models subsequent to your unique tower, however spreading them far and huge to assault from a number of fronts. If the enemy is engaged, discover a approach behind them to wreak havoc.

Conquer the impartial

It is best to assault impartial towers early to verify they don’t fall into enemy arms. The stability of energy can change dramatically in the event you don’t, so ensure you’re putting models to maneuver in and assault the grey towers. When you’ve modified them to your hue, improve and use them to launch assaults.

Unlock new models

As you play by way of the degrees you’ll get the possibility to purchase new models. These have totally different strengths and weaknesses and you may spend cash to improve them as properly. You’ll be able to solely use one directly, so in the event you’re struggling on a stage attempt switching to a special unit to get a bonus.

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