Undying Moon update version 1.1.0 patch notes

Timeless Moon replace model 1.1.0 patch notes

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GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon update 1.1.0

Konami lately launched a notable 1.1.0 replace for GetsuFumaDen: Timeless Moon. The sport has obtained some new additions, tons of changes, and plenty of bug fixes.

The complete patch notes for the GetsuFumaDen: Timeless Moon model 1.1.0 replace are as follows:

  • Polearms have been added as the brand new predominant weapon. Polearms have Parry as their distinctive capacity.
    Polearms are terribly well-rounded weapons which have excessive injury output and substantial attain, whereas additionally with the ability to guard, parry enemy assaults, and grant Counter Slash with their distinctive motion.
    Among the many 5 Polearm variations, Rusted Sword and Gleaming Nice Katana will already be unlocked. The respective Armor Scrolls for Nice Severer, Raging Stone Flame, and Omodakamaru, the Bloodthirsty Nice Katana will be discovered as drop objects and will likely be wanted in an effort to unlock them.
    As such, Polearm Fragments and the Armor Scrolls for Polearms have been added as drop objects.
  • Talismans have been added as the brand new subweapon.
    Talismans grant passive results when they’re outfitted, however shouldn’t have any energetic modes or triggers.
    Make use of the varied empowering secondary results that Talismans present to deal with any state of affairs.
    Among the many 9 Talisman variations, Primal Refuge Talisman and Talisman of Internal Blinding will already be unlocked. The respective Armor Scrolls for Knowledge Talisman, Divine Toxin Talisman, Hellfire Talisman, Carnage Talisman, Frost Armor Talisman, Vampiric Talisman, and Afterlife Talisman will be discovered as drop objects and will likely be wanted in an effort to unlock them.
    As such, Talisman Fragments and the Armor Scrolls for Talismans have been added as drop objects.
  • Mastery 2 and Mastery 3 degree Coaching Manuals and Mastery Books will now drop from Veteran onwards.
  • Added the fifth selectable issue, Devotee.
    With a purpose to unlock Devotee, the merchandise of proof dropped after clearing the Veteran issue must be collected.
    *You have to to gather the merchandise of proof even if in case you have already cleared Veteran.
  • New enemies Tremor Pillbug, Baboon, and Mad Scorpion have been added.
    The newly added enemies will seem from the Devotee issue onwards.
  • Specialty Weapon Kind has been added as a brand new function.
    By utilizing Specialist Weapon Kind, the weapon racks within the Getsu Clan Property can now be optionally set to supply weapons already unlocked.
    Weapons desired will be set by the menu throughout the Corridor of treasures.
    Weapons can solely be set for 3 weapon racks subsequent to the Shrine Maiden, however not the default weapon rack subsequent to the Coaching Statue.
  • New aesthetic results will now happen when Flash is triggered.
    You’ll be able to flip this impact off by a brand new setting throughout the choices menu.
  • An icon within the HUD will now show the standing of Rampage.


Adjustments/additions to fight techniques.

  • After performing an aerial assault throughout your first leap, it’s possible you’ll now carry out one other set of regular aerial assaults or a novel motion upon double-jumping.
    *Distinctive actions that convey the consumer to the bottom are unaffected by this modification.

Changes to the Flash mechanic.

  • Triggering Flash on a non-boss enemy will now additionally set off the Deadly Slay or Rampage results relying on the weapon used.
  • Deadly Slay:
    Deadly Slay supplies a injury bonus that stacks with the Flash injury bonus.
    Offers a proportion injury of the goal’s well being scaled to the chosen issue.
    Deadly Slay will deal injury equal to 100% of enemy max vitality in Commoner, however is decreased for each issue after.
    Additionally, touchdown Deadly Slay in opposition to enemies inside Nurarihyon’s space of impact will now trigger the injury inflicted to disregard the injury discount granted by Nurarihyon.
  • Rampage:
    Every time Flash is triggered on an enemy, the quantity of injury that enemy will obtain from additional assaults progressively will increase. The injury modifier imposed on the enemy will stay till the playable character is struck by any enemy.
    This modifier additionally applies to the conventional assaults of sure weapons that don’t set off Flash. Coaching abilities depend in direction of the general impact of Rampage.
    *No modifications have been made to triggering Flash on bosses.
  • The distribution of Flash results between weapons is as follows.
    Deadly Slay: Triggered by Bludgeons, Battle Umbrellas, Whips and Polearms.
    Rampage: Triggered by Katanas, Spears, Twin Wield Weapons, and Gauntlets.

Changes to the Counter Motion mechanic.

  • Injury Soak up, Projectile Parry, and Counter Slash have been newly carried out.
    These mechanics will be utilized by weapons that possess guarding strikes, with Injury Soak up being a novel mechanic of Battle Umbrellas and Counter Slash being a novel mechanic of Polearms.
    The Projectile Parry impact will be utilized by each Battle Umbrellas and Polearms.
  • The consequences of every mechanic are as follows.

    Injury Soak up: Heal for an quantity based mostly on the participant character’s most Vitality upon a profitable parry.

    Injury Soak up can’t be triggered till a sure interval of time has handed because it was beforehand triggered.

    Projectile Parry: Replicate enemy projectiles when utilizing Parry at exact timings.

    Notice that Projectile Parry has no impact on sure enemy projectiles.

    Counter Slash: Improve injury inflicted by a participant’s first hit for a restricted period of time after efficiently guarding from an enemy assault.

Changes to how guarding with the Battle Umbrella and Polearm capabilities.

  • Injury obtained when using a novel motion with a guarding perform has been considerably decreased.
  • Guard breaks have been adjusted to now happen extra often.

Stability modifications to weapons.


Katanas: Profitable counters will now ignore enemy guards and tremendous armor results.

Bludgeons: Base injury values have been considerably elevated.


Gauntlets: Base injury and Break injury values have been considerably elevated.


Battle Umbrellas: Enemy assaults inflict much less injury while you’re guarding.


Enemies are actually launched at an adjusted route and top by the 4th regular assault strike, permitting for simpler follow-up aerial assaults.


Spear: Injury of primary combo elevated.


Matchlocks: The bottom injury worth and injury per rank have been decreased for Nationfeller, the Nice Cannon.


Explosives: Base injury of all Explosives has been decreased.


Caltrops: It’s now potential to strike aerial enemies.


  • Added new motion patterns to sure enemies who method the playable character on the bottom.
  • Phases have been modified to now embrace traps positioned at random areas.
    Extra traps will likely be positioned when the sport is performed at a better issue.
  • Boss parameters have been adjusted.
  • Diminished the hitbox of the Armored Spirit’s long-range blade assault.
  • Adjusted the projectiles fired by the Geisha Spirit (Turned) in order that they all the time fly forwards.
  • Enemies will now obtain injury attributable to standing results from the second they’re inflicted.
  • Shortened the time it takes for an enemy to maneuver if they’re attacked by the participant whereas Frozen.
  • Enemies who’ve been Frozen will now have their guarding nullified, permitting injury to be carried out to them.
  • Diminished the journey pace of entice arrows and floating crossbow arrows.
  • Diminished the injury attributable to traps (thorn beds, entice arrows, entice spears, and guillotines).
  • New audiovisual results will now seem when Flash is triggered.
  • Enemies will now not seem on the summit areas of Misty Peaks.
  • Enemies will now not assault gamers instantly after they end teleporting.
  • Controller inputs have been adjusted. (Change solely)
  • When launching a save file from the primary title menu→Save Knowledge, now you can choose whether or not to proceed from the place you left off or to spawn within the Getsu Clan Property.
    When you select to spawn within the Getsu Clan Property, your suspended-game knowledge will likely be deleted.

Changes to Demonization.

  • Demonization results are now not topic to a time restrict.
  • Demonization results now not disappear after clearing a boss battle.
  • Modified the impact of the x and y Hidden Arts from growing the utmost period of Demonization to growing the convenience of activating Demonization.
  • Mounted a problem during which the sport display blacked out and froze after restarting.
  • Mounted a problem during which the steps in Subspace Citadel would shut no matter whether or not its corresponding change was or was not pressed.
  • Mounted a problem during which the injury values of assaults by Subterranean Spider wouldn’t be displayed in sure conditions.
  • Mounted a problem during which aesthetic results which can be triggered from the start of the boss scene lingered past their supposed durations.
  • Mounted a problem during which sure breakable objects wouldn’t be loaded accurately.
  • Mounted a problem during which making use of Freeze on sure enemies distorted the display.
  • Mounted a problem during which the Japanese character results have been misplaced.
  • Mounted a problem during which placing the gadget to sleep throughout a cutscene brought on the timing of the audio to be misaligned. (Change Model solely)
  • Mounted a problem during which making use of standing results on sure enemies wouldn’t end result within the supposed animations.
  • Mounted a problem during which the UI would show incorrect info when choosing up a soul whereas additionally devouring a soul.
  • Mounted a problem during which the hit detections associated to Nurarihyon’s space of impact was incorrect.
  • Mounted a problem it was potential to get caught within the ship stage object within the Nice Wave of Damnation.
  • Mounted a problem during which the animations of Twin Tempest Demons have been incorrect in particular circumstances.
  • Mounted a problem during which the animations of sure enemies have been incorrect when recovering from after having break triggered on them.
  • Mounted a problem during which the shamisen sound impact wouldn’t play when Geisha Spirit assaults.
  • Mounted a problem during which altering the button allocation of subweapons with the Ammo+ trait would trigger incorrect info to be displayed.
  • Mounted a problem during which the 3D fashions for Blazing Caltrops and Icy Caltrops had been swapped.
  • Mounted sure map graphics that weren’t being displayed accurately.
  • Corrected sure texts.
  • Different minor bug fixes.

All Change gamers can entry the brand new GetsuFumaDen: Timeless Moon model 1.1.0 replace now.


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